Which Type Of Seeds Is Best For Home grown Buds?

There are two different techniques you can employ to grow cannabis at home. One basic method of growing marijuana plants is growing from seed, the other method is by taking cuttings, foregoing the use of seeds altogether. The approach in which you do not need seeds is called cloning. The other method, the one that is grown from seeds will be discussed further in this article.

Choose The Best Seeds For Home grown Buds.

When it comes to growing cannabis with seeds, you can easily grow them by using a regular soil.  You can tweak your soils nutrients by adding compost, egg shells for calcium and even coffee grounds. But a regular soil will work just fine to keep things simple.

Now have a glance at the different types of seeds you can use to grow marijuana and how to select the best seeds.

Before proceeding with the process of strain selection, about the best seeds for your home grown buds, here’s some info about marijuana seeds. Cannabis seeds are only generated by female plants but their seeds are only produced after a male plant pollinates a female plant. The thing that you need to know here, is that when it comes to growing marijuana, the main aim is to grow female cannabis plants as it is these plants that grow buds.

Here’s s a list of few things that you need to keep in mind about seeds for growing marijuana.

Make Sure You’re Using Feminized Seeds – When it comes to the natural selection of seeds, there’s a chance naturally growing cannabis seeds will be split into 50% male seeds and 50% female seeds. However, when it comes to growing buds, it is important to consider only female seeds. Nowadays, you can buy specialized, feminized seeds from your favourite seed bank BC Seeds. They have the best selection of female seeds.

The Strain – Many cannabis breeders have been growing cannabis plants skillfully over many decades and they have bred many different strains and varieties of marijuana for almost every specif use you can imagine.

It is important to buy high quality British Columbia bred strains, as they have the best genetic makeup for growing around the world in many different climates. It can be tough to choose from the numerous varieties of strains that are available in the market, so use the proper product filters to narrow down your search and find the right seeds for you.

The Different Strains of Plants

Typically, a strain is the genetic type of the plant which defines its basic attributes. Here’s is a brief description of the four genetic types of cannabis plants.

Cannabis Sativa – These plants tend to be tall and thin and take a longer time to mature, but can also generate a better yield when compared to Indica plants. The high that you get from a Sativa strain allows you to think creatively with its energetic nature.

Cannabis Indica – Usually, the Cannabis Indica strain is a short and bushy plant that gets matured early in comparison to the cannabis Sativa plants; however, it yields less. it’s buzz allows you to rest and relax better due to it’s pain killing features.

Ruderalis – These auto flowering plants grow at a faster pace and finish flowering the earliest . Unlike other regular indica and sativa strains, auto strains just flower on their own without adjusting the light cycle. However, these plants lack potency and are mostly crossed with other strains to improve THC levels.

Enjoy harvesting your new marijuana and keep an eye out for new seeds in your freshly harvested buds and make sure you’re not breaking any laws with your home grown marijuana.

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