The Best New Strains to Grow in Your Home

Cannabis Strains At Home

The need for change inspires cannabis farmers, whether beginners or experienced, to always seek new cannabis strains to try out at home. Besides, a new strain would ordinarily possess more features that would benefit farmers and consumers. For instance, if a new strain germinates faster, the farmer can easily have seeds that will grow more successfully with less struggle. Also, a new strain may contain improved cannabinoids giving consumers the “stone” effect of THC or the wellness effect of CBD.

Choosing the wrong strain is usually a costly mistake in cannabis growing. I bet you are not ready for the complications that might accompany such an error.  After choosing the best strain, you would be confronted with the decision of growing either indoors or outdoors. And this decision is not at your discretion; you have to know which is best suited for the strain. Usually, this takes experience to decipher. But we have decided to take the stress off your shoulder by outlining some of the strains you can grow at home.

5 Cannabis Strains You Can Grow in Your Home

Cannabis Strains At Home

Hay-Z: Hay-Z is a super sativa hybrid that sweeps cannabis connoisseurs off their feet. Born of Super Silver Haze and Neville’s Haze, it is a cross-breed of 85% sativa and 15% indica. It flowers in 9 – 10 months, and the yield of 550-650 g/m² indoors and 800 g/plant outdoors adequately compensate for the work input. It offers an incredible “high” that makes it a darling to recreational cannabis lovers and can throw inexperienced smokers off balance. It successfully grows indoors and outdoors.

Durban Poison: Durban Poison is a pure (100%) sativa strain native to Durban, South Africa, hence, its name. It is among the few sativas that can be found growing very tall outdoors; thus, it needs growing space. It grows indoors too, under suitable light, nutrients, and care. It takes about 14 to 16 weeks to complete flowering. It provides users a profound “stone” effect that accelerates productivity and creativity all day.

Blueberry Widow: A mixed-breed of Blueberry and White Widow gave birth to an indica dominant strain, the Blueberry Widow. It is adapted to grow indoors and outdoors. The plant becomes more colourful as it matures because of its thick trichomes layer. Its THC content of about 16% makes sure it offers profound “highness” to consumers. It produces flowers within 8 – 9 weeks and is ready for harvest in October, promising about 500 grams yield per square meter.

Quick Gorilla: A combination of Gorilla and OG Kush Auto varieties gave birth to Quick Gorilla, an indica dominant (65% indica and 35% sativa) cannabis strain. It grows rapidly both indoors and outdoors and flowers in about 56 days. It has a high THC (22%) and low CBD (0.2%) value, making it ideal for navigating a stressful day and accompanying relaxation.

Purple Kush: Purple Kush is a total indica strain that originated from the cross-breed Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Its potent THC content makes it a unique tonic for euphoric feeling and absolute relaxation. Its distinctive purple coloration appeals to the eye, and the earthy and grape-like flavours hit the palate with exceptional sweetness. It is usually ripe for harvest after about eight weeks flowering period.

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