OG Kush Feminized


OG Kush Feminized

OG Kush Feminized is a premium exotic strain coming from the mountains and the ocean in different parts of the world.  You can now grow sativa effects cannabis in Canada’s indoors and outdoors.


OG Kush Feminized

OG Kush Feminized was bred on the coast. There’s just something about the fresh sea air that make cannabis grow with amazing terp profiles. OG Kush Feminized is a lemon sweet tropical kush that will blow your mind up. This is especially true when using exotic strains like Thai haze in the mix.

A heritage with a long voyage

Her heritage starts off in in the 1970’s in South East Asia and then she arrived in the early 1980’s to Northern California. From there she travelled to the Vancouver Islands and finally perfected in Ontario in 2021. When she was bred outdoors on the West Coast, she was spefically bred for seed production. So when she arrived in Ontario we really worked on stabilizing her height and genetics overall to maintain that fresh exotic California terp profile.

What is OG Weed?

When you see the letters O.G. before a strains name, it stands for Ocean Grown. You’ll get some zippy and speedy thai haze strains with citrus terps of oranges and lemons. Mix in some sugar from the kush and you get a sweet lemon candy to smoke and enjoy all day long.

Get impressed with what the Ontario Seed Bank is breeding

Our OG Kush is top shelf cannabis, so grow some today! You’ll be impressed by her high and just what an amazing plant she grows up to be. She’s a winner with roots from around the world. So plant some seeds and grow the finest Canadian marijuana from the Ontario Seed Bank.



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