Looking for the Best Physical Etobicoke Seed Bank in Canada

A seed bank is a storage facility that stores seeds of different varieties and species. The primary purpose of a seed bank is to ensure the preservation of crop diversity. For a short period, the seeds are dried and kept in an airtight container at 5°C. For long-term preservation, cryopreservation is done, i.e., freezing the seeds over liquid nitrogen at -180°C to maintain seeds’ viability.

Importance of Seed Banks

  • Climate Change: Sudden drastic change in climate affects the crop. It raises the risk of extinction of rare species of crops. Therefore, a seed bank ensures protection for any crop species.

  • Crop Diseases: Crop, if infected by any harmful pests, can prove fatal. The diseases are generally contagious and reduce the yield by 20-40%. A Seed bank helps to provide the farmers with fresh seeds to mitigate their losses.

  • Genetic Diversity: Crop’s genetic diversity helps the farmers grow crops of high yield, improved quality, and desired features. To preserve the diversity of the varieties, seed banks play a very crucial role.

  • Calamities and human-made disasters: A natural calamity (like a flood, tsunami, or earthquake) or a human-made disaster (oil spills or soil pollution) may lead to the destruction of crops. But once the situation becomes stable, the seeds can be taken from seed banks and replanted.

    • 6 Best Canadian Seed Banks Near Etobicoke

      1. Ontario Seeds: Provides the customers with the best organic seeds, seedlings, and garden supplies in the market. The organic and heirloom varieties are handpicked for both market and urban gardeners. Everything that is sold here is 100% organic.

      2. BC Seeds: Seeds of the best genetics with a high germination rate are ensured here. 24/7 chat support is available to help the customers pick the best seeds for them.

      3. GTA seed bank: Feminized seed and auto-flower feminized and regular seeds are for sale at the Ontario Seed Bank serving the GTA area at the best prices.

      4. London Seed Bank: The seeds provided here have up to 100% germination rates. High-quality cannabis from classic strains to new hybrids can be bought here.

      5. Montreal Seed Bank: The seeds are handpicked based on their maturity, viability, and germination rate. The growers are provided with enough guidance and information about the planting stages and growth process.

      6. Quebec Seeds: With breeding partners worldwide, Quebec seeds source the best and exclusive seeds available. A wide range of standard blends and custom blends are provided, ensuring correct product formulation for growing in the cold Ontario and Quebec outdoors..


      Now that you have all the information about the best seed banks in Canada wait for whom?! Go and buy the seeds and become a grower. Don’t forget to take good care of your plants!!

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