Kitchener Seed Bank

Introducing the Kitchener Seed Bank. The Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge-Guelph Cannabis Seeds (KWCG SEED BANK) serves the K-W twin cities and beyond. With a large assorment of premium GTA Seeds, you’ll fall in love with life in KWCG.

Kitchener Seed Bank

Kitchener Seed Bank


Kitchener Cannabis Seeds

These cities are safe and the night life is excellent and exciting. K-W is like living in Toronto without all the hassels, traffic jams, and lack of parking spaces. You get the charms of close knit, brotherly and sisterly neighbors. It offers up a great bar scene. The peolpe living in K-W Region are super polite, educated and intelligent. The smartest Canadian people smoke so much Ontario weed that you’ll want to work and play hard with everyone, whether their uptown or downtown.

They work hard and like to relax with a joint of their favorite Cannabis cannabis from the Ontario Seed Bank. It’s the people that make these cities great, and our Downtown Kitchener Seed Bank is proud to serve the Uptown Waterloo Seed Bank too.


Kitchener is full of Germans and their love for Cannabis and Beer. Join Kitchener for Hemptoberfest again next year. The annual KitchenerWaterloo Oktoberfest, is like living in Toronto and Munich all at the same time. It’s the largest gathering of people for Oktoberfest-Hemptoberfest outside of Germany. You’ll meet people from all over Canada and the World, and light it up 420 Seeds style. You’ll love this cannabis party so much, you’ll want to move there forever.

Kitchener Waterloo Seed Bank

The Kitchener Waterloo Seed Bank is felling like pure bliss, all because of its cities people. The Canadian born Germans are the friendliest Germans in the world. They are so Candianised, you’ll even hear them saying “Eh” all the time. It’s like man “I’d like to try that joint, eh!” and you’ll here “Pass it down over here, eh.” Getting stoned with Waterloo Cannabis Strains is so much fun eh! I need more rolling papers eh, let goto the bank machine eh. If you think Canadian don’t speak like this, just visit the Waterloo Seed Bank, Alf behind the counter is hilarious, eh.

Other Canadian Seed Banks

Canada has so many top quality seed banks, we though some of our British Columbia friends would like to visit BC Seeds. They’re like the first Canadian Seed Bank Online from like over twenty years ago. They have 42 of Canada’s world’s strongest weed strains. Now in and of itself is worth checking out. We should try all 42 strains next year at hemptoberfest.