In Toronto, can vermicomposters help you get the most out of your seeds?

Vermicomposters for Cannabis

Cannabis cultivation practices have undergone several developments and refinements in recent years. Cultivators use different tools obtain a better yield. However, the use of organic fertilizers and compost is never completely avoidable. But, the question is- Should you use vermicomposters for starting your Canadian weed seeds? Cultivators have some confusion about the effect of vermicompost on seed germination. So we will clear that up right now. Some professional cannabis growers in Toronto claim that the application of vermicompost ensures faster germination. Still, it is important to know about vermicompost to have a clearer answer.

What is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting refers to the process of biological breakdown of different organic wastes combining actions of microorganisms and earthworms. You may also consider it as worm compost. Worms eat kitchen scraps and some organic matter and digest them to leave behind materials, known as vermicompost.

Thus, vermicomposting combines both digestion and decomposition processes.

Researchers have found that the watering solution of Vermicompost extract can cause positive effects on the growth of seedlings. However, in case of seed germination, you can find varying result based on the crop species your trying crack open.

Does vermicompost kill seeds?

The hot composting process has high potentials to kill your Indica weed seeds. On the contrary, vermicomposting is a cold composting process that does not risk your indica or sativa seeds. But, in most cases, worms’ foods do not contain weed seeds as food for worms. Thus, there will be no issue with them accidentally eating up your precious seeds by mistake.

How does vermicompost affect your cultivation?

Vermicomposting is an eco-friendly process for decomposing organic waste. Some researchers have found that the use of vermicompost ensures better soil health and promotes seed germination. You can choose vermicompost as a bio-fertilizer effective for the growth of marijuana all the way from seed to harvest. But, how does vermiculture benefit your BC weed?

As it’s a type of organic fertilizer, it helps to slowly break it down compared to synthetic fertilizers. Thus, your plants will have a lower risk from too many fatal nutrients forming. Moreover, by using vermicomposter, you can maintain consistency in your soil and increases the aeration rate. That is why you can buy vermicomposters in Canada to find better results for your outdoor grow.

Why do you get benefits from vermicompost?

  • Vermicompost has plant nutrients and other essential nutrients for germination.
  • It ensures a positive effect on the growth of cannabis and the development of leaves and a stronger stem.
  • Vermicompost helps with better soil structure by preventing soil erosion, and increasing its water-holding capacity.
  • Rich in micro-flora (like Nfixers and P-solubilizers), vermicompost is beneficial to your soil.
  • It also contains growth regulators (gibberellins) and enzymes which are good.
  • Enriched with earthworm cocoons, vermicompost promotes the earthworms’ activities in soil.
  • It neutralizes the soil pH level so your marijuana will grow better and healthier.
  • It makes your chemical fertilizers more efficient and prevents the loss of nutrients.
  • Vermicompost doesn’t have any toxic elements or pathogens. It encourages the decomposition process of organic matter present in soil.

It’s easy to store vermicompost and it doesn’t emit a bad odours. However, you have to focus on its effect on germinating cannabis seeds. Based on the type of seeds (like cannabis and other plants), you can make your decision.

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