How to protect your indoor cannabis seeds plant?

While growing cannabis, it’s vital to keep the plants healthy throughout the growing process, especially the seedling stage. To make sure the seedlings grow into healthy plants, a planter needs in-depth knowledge about taking care of them.

Let’s dive into taking care of your marijuana plant.

What are the occurrences during the seedling stage?

The growing process has four key stages:

  • The seed germination stage

  • The seedling stage

  • The vegetative stage

  • The flowering stage

The seedling stage is critical. When the cannabis plant is still in its youth, proper care is essential for growing into a healthy plant.

Tips to Nurture Your Cannabis Plant

  • Keep Your Seedlings Safe: While growing any plant, there is a risk of losing the seedling. They can be consumed by birds and insects, damaged by weather, or disturbed by pests. So, until they’re strong enough, try placing them in a safe environment.

  • Water Your Seedling According to Your Climate Zone: If you live in a humid area, try watering your plants in intervals. Too much water causes root infections. With excessive water, the roots struggle to get oxygen. If you live in a dry area, the soil should have enough water to maintain the plant temperature.

  • The Correct Temperature and Humidity: During germination, you require gentle, stable heat. As the plant matures, the ideal temperature should range between 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • However, some strains can withstand extreme temperatures better than others.

  • Know the Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies: Some red flags that signal your seedling may have a deficiency:

    1. Dark coloring (there is a possibility that cannabis seedlings are a vibrant green colour)

    2. A burnt appearance on the leaves’ tips

    3. Curling on the leaves’ tips

    4. Yellowing leaves

    In case you come across any of the given signs, adjust your growth strategy for supporting the overall health of your plant.

  • Select the Right Pot or Room: Choose the pot that is ideal for cannabis growth. Given below are the points to be kept in mind while selecting pots for growing cannabis.

    1. Too large containers hamper the water absorption capability of the plant root system.

    2. If the container is too small, the roots won’t have space to extend and start to overlap.

    3. Ensure the pot features proper drainage holes for getting rid of excess water.


Growing a healthy weed plant is a combination of the right knowledge and practice. With the knowledge of the right temperature, soil, or pots needed for their growth, you can grow cannabis with ease.

Hopefully, the points and information given here will guide you throughout the process.

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