How to find the best Ontario seed bank shop?

Marijuana has many recreational and medical properties. Therefore, Canada decided upon the legalization of growing and usages of cannabis for various purposes with the Federal Cannabis Act, which came into effect on 17 October 2018. 3 puffs of cannabis per day can help people having chronic nerve pain to subside and sleep better.

But it can be tough to grow marijuana. The first step of the process is finding the right seeds. This is why you’ll want to consider buying seeds from a seed bank.

How does a Marijuana seed bank work to get maximum yield?

A marijuana seed bank is at the foreground of seed feminization as well as strain development. Only female plants are known to grow buds. The male plants tend to produce pollen rather than THC- laden buds. As such, growers should primarily focus on the overall growth of female plants.

Marijuana seed banks can also offer growers access to auto-flowering seeds. The growing process is greatly simplified, and the yield is maximized, ensuring a better return on investment for growers.

Essential Features of a Seed Bank

  • Shipping: cost of shipping both international and domestic should be reasonable. The average cost is 35$.

  • Guarantees: Germination guarantees vary. Some sellers offer 80%-100% germination guarantees. It can influence the price of the seeds as well.

  • Anonymity and Payment Options: while buying seeds like cannabis, customers sometimes look for anonymity.

  • Additional Services and Refund Policies: These beneficial options must be available.

Five Best Seed Banks in Ontario

  1. Anything Grows: Anything grows over 500 varieties; they promote and offer fresh, quality seed in heirloom, organic, unusual, and popular categories. They sell only 100% organic sprouting seeds.

  2. OSC Seeds (Ontario Seed Co. Limited): OSC Seeds offers, full line of products including over 30 herbs, 250 vegetables, 240 annuals, and 100 perennials and biennials suitable for Canada’s various climates.

  3. London Seed Bank: They provides excellent high potency seeds with 100% germination guarantees.

  4. Premiere Seeds: This seed bank is owned by a reputable Vancouver Island native with a shipping warehouse in Ontario. Known for it stability and rock solid genetics, this is a great choice for breeders needing the perfect Northern Lights.

  5. BC Seeds: They provide fast and discreet delivery services at reasonable prices for common strains. They also offer the world’s strongest cannabis strains at higher prices, but they often give you thousands of dollars worth of freebies when you order them. They have offices in Ontario and have supplied quality genetics to Canadians for over 20 years.


Now that you’ve gone through the information on the available Canadian banks, you would definitely want to try some of them. Some of the banks have shipping methods to all parts of the world, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t afford a plane ticket to Canada and visit them, they’ll come to you!!

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