How Much Time Will Cannabis Plant Genetics Take To Grow In Ontario Homegrown Buds?

Today, cannabis has become a well-known name as young and old are greatly becoming aware of its recreational and medicinal purposes. People are buying it actively from various online stores but now individuals are more inclined towards growing it in their home to use the highest quality product. However, growing cannabis isn’t like taking care of a potted plant and this is why a lot of people ask how much time will cannabis plant genetics take to grow in homegrown buds? This is indeed a good question for the first time grower as they must know what they are signing up for. Harvest is also a tricky part because if you pluck the buds too soon, it won’t be very potent and if you take too long, then you will end up with a product that has an overly narcotic effect and too strong of a taste. However, there’s no need to worry because by following this simple guide, you will be able to grow and harvest cannabis plants like a pro.

The basics

Growing marijuana plants is somewhat like harvesting grapes or other fruits, meaning, the longer you wait, the more potent your buds will be and stronger its effect. After the plant has flowered, it starts dying and there are many signs that will aware you of this event. The pistils will start turning red, the stem will broaden, the resins on the buds will look darker or brown and the leaves will start turning yellow and die. So, if your cannabis plant has flowered and you see these signs, then it means that there are good chances that your plant is ready to harvest.

Your cannabis plant will take 8 weeks to 7 months to grow as it is completely based upon the seed that you are planting, your setup, and how big you plan to grow your plants. The bigger the plant, the more time it will take to grow.

Longer Is Not Necessarily Better

Everyone knows that a longer flowering period may lead to a greater harvest; however, letting it grow over a longer period of time may not always lead to optimal results. You need to have the correct timing. Waiting too long will lead you to buds that are overpowering and have an unpleasant flavour. It could also lead to decreased effectiveness of the active ingredient in the marijuana plant, which is THC. The easiest way to avoid this issue is by paying attention to the pistil colour, which commonly followed by cannabis growers all over the world. A lot of growers harvest the buds as soon as the pistils began to turn red. While many wait till they are almost entirely red, and the resin is dark.

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