How Do People From KCW (Kitchener, Cambridge, and Waterloo) Grow Marijuana Outdoors?

How Do People from KCW (Kitchener, Cambridge, and Waterloo) Grow Marijuana Outdoors

There’s a general ban in place for people who are below 19. 19 is the legal age of marijuana cultivation in Canada. Aside from that, each residence is permitted to grow up to four legal cannabis plants. So, whether you are from Kitchener, Cambridge, or Waterloo, you can purchase seeds from a Cannabis store and grow your much-desired plants outdoor without running out your wallet.

Things to consider to grow Marijuana Outdoors

Some of the quick benefits of growing marijuana outdoor include its low-cost advantage (unlike growing them indoor), access to free environmental resources such as the sun and wind, massive harvest potential, and the opportunity to have some more fun and relaxation.

To get started with outdoor marijuana growth, consider these important things.

Understand the climate in your area

Cannabis can easily adapt to a wide range of weather conditions, but extreme weather can make it become vulnerable to stunted growth. A sustained temperature of more than 32°C can halt a plant’s growth, and continued temperatures of less than 5°C may result in plants’ death.

Exposure to high winds and heavy rains can cause physical harm to cannabis growth, low harvest, and powdery mildew and mold can be affected by excessive moisture especially during the flowering stage.

 Choose the finest outdoor grow site for your cannabis

After you have been able to figure out the climate in your area, check out these other options.

Exposure to sunlight

Weed plants need about 6 hours of daily exposure to direct sunlight. You may want to look around for the best possible location to get the most of the sunlight.  Check your backyard, balcony, or even rooftop!

Constant direct breeze

If you live in a place that is a windy, plant near a kind of windbreak. This could be near a fence, shrubbery, or wall. In general, the availability of wind should not be too much or insufficient.

Security is principal

You may have to mount walls around your marijuana plants to keep off thieves and neighbors that may become judgmental about your efforts. Another thing to consider is to keep the plants low by trimming the plants to hide them, or stake their branches to the ground to make them spread sideways in their growth. More still, most state laws demand that marijuana plants are kept from public view.

Types of areas to consider to grow marijuana outdoors

Whatever you go for as regards grow space for your cannabis seeds, consider how large you want your plants to grow. With outdoor, your plants can grow to as much as 10 feet, and it depends on how much you permit them to grow.

 KCW Rooftops are a great option to allow direct sunlight to your marijuana plants, only that they may be exposed to excess wind.

Garden plot is widely used for outdoor grows, and some even include other vegetable plants with their cannabis plants.

The balcony of your house is another great spot so far it doesn’t have restrictions to light and a good amount of breeze – especially if it is positioned southward. However, you may need to put up measures to ward off intruders.

Final Remark

Nutrients are also essential to the ultimate growth of your Canadian cannabis plants. The nutrients may mainly be in form of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Check out the composition of the soil to conclude on the number of nutrients you need to add. Begin with less expensive fertilizers, some take a relatively long period to produce usable nutrients while others are speedily harnessed by the plants.

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