Feminized Seeds and Their Characteristics

Have you ever used cannabis that awes its delight from the female aspect of the plant? Does it sound weird? Whenever you shop cannabis seeds, you might come across all the weird expressions or odd phrases, and feminize cannabis seed is indeed one of them. If you are new to the world of weed harvesting, you may get confused once you heard of feminized seeds. You may wonder if the seeds do have genders. Well, you should focus on the feminized seeds instead of thinking about all the weird stuff.

All About Feminize Seeds

Earlier but not too long ago, when people were using seeds to grow cannabis, the probability was that 50% of each plant would be male. It is no denying that the female plants grow cannabinoids like THC and CBD rich buds. In today’s time, feminized seeds are used to grow female plants for their buds rich in THC and CBD cannabinoids.

To understand feminized seeds in a glance, read this post further.

  • The feminized strains are bred for enhanced potency and rich aroma. In fact, they have a high amount of cannabinoids as compared to male plants.
  • The plant always develops female cannabis, as the seeds are 99.9% feminized.
  • You don’t have to waste time discarding male plants and there is no need to check the sex of the plant too.
  • Feminized strains are light cycle-dependent, as they are photoperiod strains.

Have A Look At What Makes Feminized Seeds Different!

If you often get confused about what differentiates feminized seeds from regular seeds, then this is guide is just meant for you. Have a glance at the characteristics of feminized seeds:

  • Easy to Grow

Feminized cannabis is easy to grow. But, it really does not mean that you have to be care-free, as it comes with certain challenges.

  • Can Be Grown Indoor and Outdoor

What makes feminized cannabis unique is that it can be grown both indoor and outdoor. But, special conditions should be considered.

  • Different Feminized Strains Can be Grown in the Same Grow Room

Yes, it is possible to grow different feminized strains in the same grow room. However, you should focus on the learning curve.

  • Many Feminized Cannabis Hybrids are Out There

The cannabis strains families include Kush, Haze, Afghan, Cookies, Gelato, Purple, Blueberry, Banana, Cheese, and Skunk.

Feminized seeds are packed with unique characteristics. If you want to experience their uniqueness, be sure to shop them from a trusted source.

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