Combination Packages of Cannabis Seeds You Must Invest in, in 2021

Combo Seeds

Combination packages of cannabis seeds, commonly known as combo packages or packs, are meant to give customers more value for their money. Besides providing more value, it serves a significant purpose of helping customers make their choice more conveniently. For instance, a new grower or amateur marijuana fan can go for the beginner combo or pack, which usually sort out beginners’ problems by including the appropriate seeds.

Combination packages also help people looking for specific strains to locate them easily. So, if you are looking for high-yielding seeds, high THC or CBD cannabis seeds, auto-flowering, or feminised seeds, you can quickly identify the ideal combo pack and save your time.

7 Cannabis Seeds Packages Worth Your Investment

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Auto-flower Combo Pack: The auto-flower combo package is a mix of 5 Light of Jah Auto-flower Feminised seeds and other feminized seeds, 5 Ganja Dwarf Auto-flower. The combination is sativa dominant, with about 25% indica. It can be harvested twice a year when grown outdoors and has a high THC amount. The seeds grow rapidly under several conditions and light cycles and grow in greenhouses, outside, or indoors.

Auto-flower Indica Feminised Combo Pack: The Auto-flower Indica Feminised seeds package comprises two feminised cannabis varieties, 5 Bubblegum Feminized Autoflower seeds and 5 Northern Light Feminized Autoflower seeds. The combo contains indica dominant hybrids of excellent qualities, which offer seeds with various vital genetic materials. Indica dominant strains are ideal for recreational and medical purposes as a result of their high THC. Top of FormBottom of FormTop of Form

Auto-flower Sativa Feminised Combo Pack: 5 Autoflower Feminised Jack Herrer seeds and 5 Autoflower Feminized Light of Jah seeds make up the Auto-flower Sativa Feminised combination package. The combo is sativa dominant, and the seeds grow to produce marijuana with sufficient THC to support relaxation and offer series of medical benefits. The seeds have a short flowering period such that harvest is made earlier and possibly more than once a year.

Fast Flowering Feminised Combo Pack: This is a combined package of the prominent world cup winning Northern Lights Feminised strains and Skunk #1 Feminised, both of which are incredible cannabis strains. Like the name, they are high-speed flowering marijuana plants, producing flowers in about seven weeks or less.Bottom of Form

Sativa Feminised Combo Pack: This is a seed package comprising three marijuana strains, 4 Waikiki Queen feminized seeds, 3 Light of Jah feminized seeds, and 3 Purple Power feminized seeds. The combo is sativa dominant – 70% sativa and 30% indica. They are not difficult to grow, flower in about 8 – 12 weeks, with sufficient yield both indoors and outdoors, and produce weed with top-quality THC.

Medical Feminised Combo Pack: This is a ten (10) seed combo pack of famous medical strains, 3x Chronic Feminized, 3x Night Nurse Feminized, and 4x Medijuana Feminized. This indica dominant medical combo pack (60% indica and 40% sativa) possesses impressive qualities that endear it to medical cannabis fans. The seeds grow indoors and outdoors, producing high THC marijuana, making it suitable for medicinal uses.

Fruit Basket Feminised Combo Pack: This combo seed pack combines 3 Mangolicous feminized seeds, 3 Pineapple express feminized seeds, and 4 Strawberry ice feminized seeds. These ten seeds fruity flavoured weed is designed to give an unmatched marijuana experience. The combo is a high indica stain with about 25% sativa formed for indoor and outdoor growing. The seeds grow effortlessly and flower in 8 – 10 weeks.

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