Best Strains to Grow In Your Closet in Your Toronto Studio Apartment

Best Strains to Grow in Your Closet in Your Toronto

Many people want to grow their own cannabis and a huge chunk of this category wants to grow it in their own apartments. If you are considering cannabis in your closet, your top priority is getting the best strains to grow in your closet.

Best Weed Strains to Grow in Your Closet in Toronto

Many grow from their Toronto studio apartment and are achieving a successful harvest. You only need to find the strains that do not consume much space and can also grow fast – fortunately, there are countless of them.

Check out the best weed strains to grow in your closet in Toronto:

  1. Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush has its origin from the Hindu Kush Mountains that situated about 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The pure Indica strain has developed its thick crystal trichomes protection from the severe weather of its home base.

It has hints of berry with a subtly sweet and unique flavor and has been known to induce a deep sense of calm in users. Since it doesn’t grow very tall, it is one of the best strains to grow in a closet.

  1. Afgoo

Otherwise referred to as Afgooey, the powerfully high Indica sedative offers is believed to have come from Maui Haze and Afghani Indica. It is a very unique strain with a buzz that holds the user’s body as a straitjacket recovered freshly from the dryer.

  1. Banana OG

The parent strains of this hybrid strain type are OG Kush and Banana. It has a very sweet smell and produces thick smoke that can make you giggling all day.  Banana OG has a creeper reputation having more than 25% THC. If not carefully used, the strong effect of this strain will creep up on you.

  1. Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF) is a Sativa strain type that is originated in the valley area of Matanuska, Alaska. The plant is known to have originated from Northern California Sativa crossbred with a Russian ruderalis. History has it that it was crossed again with Afghani genetics towards the late 70s to help it develop much heartier features. The sweet-smelling plant is endowed with a strong smell and amazingly frosted buds.

  1. Amnesia

Amnesia clear-headed high will make your worries vanish. It is a Sativa strain type with creative, uplifting, and euphoric effects on its users regardless of time, season, or mood the user is in. The functional cannabis weed keeps it, consumer, readily on the go all day long

  1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is undoubtedly one of the widely used cannabis in the United States. It is a hybrid strain-type with California origin and is well recognized among the West Coast strains. It balances gentle cerebral invigoration with full-body relaxation as a cross of the Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica. Starters and veteran users can vouch for its enjoyable level of calm euphoric effects.

  1. Cannatonic

Cannatonic is a perfect and widely-considered option for beating anxiety. It is a hybrid strain type that produces powerfully relaxing and uplifting mellow high effects. It has about 6% to 17% high CBD and rarely above 6% THC content. CBD-rich cannabis is remarkable in helping its consumers relax without experiencing mental fog.

Final Remark

Aside from these amazing strains, there are several more strains that you can grow in your closet in your Toronto studio Apartment with remarkable effects. Zkittlez, White widow, Willy’s wonder, Trainwreck, Tangerine Dream, Tangie, Space queen, Sour OG, and Skunk No. 1 can also be considered.

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