Beginner Guide For Autoflowering Seeds

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Autoflowering strains offer amazing outcomes in little time, often spewing from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks. Beginners and advanced growers both will have a fun and easy time raising such varieties. Have you ever apprehended autoflowering strains of cannabis?

How are such strains different from conventional strains, and what makes them easier to grow for beginners?

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Automatically Start Making Buds Just A Few Weeks After They Sprout – This is why they’re known as auto-flowering strains. Customary strains were usually grown indoors so they require to be manually forced to start producing buds by altering light periods to give long nights and also called photoperiod strains.

Autoflowering Plants Stay A Manageable Size – Most of the auto-flowering strains stay under hip height and do not grow into huge monsters that suddenly take over a closet or become taller than your fence. While some auto-flowering strains can get pretty big and any of the strains with the tendency to grow extra-large are typically labeled by the breeder.

Ready To Harvest In 3 Months Or Less – Normally autoflowering strain take 3-5 months from seed to harvest on average, as typically, they are ready to reap in 3 months or even less from when they initially sprout. Usually, a lot of growers prefer a quicker harvest.

Can Be Grown Outdoors In Most Climates – Traditional outdoor marijuana plants must be planted in the Spring, and need at least 4-5 months of warm-but-not-too-wet weather before Fall. This set of specifications makes it daunting to grow outdoors in a lot of climate changes. But as long as your weather gets warm, sunny for at a minimum of three months at a time, you should be able to grow the plant outside. This is perfect for growers who would like to grow during a short but sunny summer, during warm winter months, or to get an early outdoor harvest.

Not Sensitive To Light Leaks Or Light Periods – If light fortuitously leaks into the grow space during a traditional photoperiod plant’s dark period, for instance, if you open the closet door to look at your plants, or even from a flickering indicator light on a piece of equipment you didn’t notice, it can cause significant issues. The amount of time the grow lights are on every day also has a massive effect on how photoperiod plants grow.

Feminized Auto-Flowering Seeds Always Make Buds – When it comes to auto-flowering strains you typically don’t require to worry about sex that is male or female flowers. In fact, you would specifically need to seek out seeds that will produce male flowers as just about all auto-flowering seeds available online are feminized. If you purchase feminized auto-flowering seeds, you are basically assured to get a female plant, which means that every plant will generate buds and you don’t have to worry about male plants, seeds, or pollination.

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