Ontario Seed Bank

The Ontario Seed Bank is Ontario's favourite cannabis seed connection. We have connections to top breeders around the world. Browse the seed shop and get hooked up with awesome cannabis genetics. There's usually a couple hundred strains in stock and ready to ship worldwide.

Ontario Seed Bank News

We have a new website that now allows product reviews, so please take a moment and leave your reviews, they will be greatly appreciated.

Ontario Cannabis News

Politicians are currently pressuring seed shops to close up physical stores in Canada. We will be looking to open up a physical store front after 2021 or 2022. So for the next couple years it's best to place your order online and process your credit card order overseas with AMS. They've been processing cannabis seed orders for over 20 years and are extremely reliable and trustworthy.

Indoor Grow Winter Preparation

Winter is coming and it's time to start thinking about your indoor grow. Some of the most popular and potent strains this year are: Pot of gold feminized, Green Crack, Amnesia Trance and Girl Scout Cookies. Grab them now while there is still stock, they're likely to sell out soon.

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